Pavlova Meringue Cake

Fruit Pavlova with a hint of Flavour Vodka

When hearing about cooking Pavlova, many people mistakenly believe the task is not doable. The truth is – it just requires patience and strict measuring of the components. I myself, also often feel like adding less sugar to the cakes, but Pavlova is not a dessert you want to experiment with.
Pho Bo

Phở bò

While preparing the selection of the best Asian soups I had no chance to avoid famous Vietnamese soup – Pho. I believe the beef based version (Pho Bo) is the best variety of Pho, which provides you with delicious, subtle and delicate flavor.
Sorry, Ramen is not here yet, check out later.Thanks!

Spicy Kimchi Ramen

Quick delicious Kimchi Ramen is the best way to warm you up during cold winter days. It is rich, savory, full of flavour and surprising easy to prepare.

Baba Ganoush

Baba Ganoush healthy and delicious Middle-Eastern eggplant dip which takes just few simple ingredients and almost no effort to make.